Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Sun is Peeking Out

The water is beating up against the wall
The sun is bursting behind the shutters
The light of Life is trying to get through, ever present
Looking for cracks and crevices to slip through
Illuminating and energizing
Ensuring that breathing continues

More and more, each day, those secret passages
Through dark tunnels and recesses
Grow bigger and wider
Allowing the light to show the way
Corners are revealed
Boxes finally opened
Puzzles completed

Isolation lessens as the birds begin to flock
In trees and bushes
Gossiping and commiserating
The days adventures recalled

Eyes see the wheat from the chaff
Ears hear the subtelties and subtext
Senses are electrified by the ripples
Of emotions and intentions
The seed is finally sprouting and
Opening its leaves to the sun

The heart beats in anticipation of new
And upcoming adventures
And all will be experienced
From top to toes
Tasted, felt, seen, remembered

A body long neglected slowly moves
Clearing cobwebs, disturbing dust
Joints are oiled and losing their rust
And movement once again is a joy

Appreciation, balance, joy, trust
Release, reach, stretch, imagine
The sun is allowed back in
Worthiness realized
Love of self begins

It is a joyous day, a joyous month, a joyous year
Fireworks light the sky
As the celebration begins
Enjoy the fruits of courage and hard work
Let the party begin

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